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"Green" walked through "Rosa"

LLC Green acquired the property of AF Rosa in Sosnoviy Bor. According to the federal bankruptcy register, the contract of sale was concluded in mid-September. The buyer received the land plot, a complex of buildings and constructions, personal estate and inventory items of the enterprise and also receivables for 19.4 million rubles. For the property and debts of Rosa OOO Green paid 40.1 million rubles. Prior to that, the company tried to purchase them at the bidding, but the auction was declared invalid due to the absence of other bids.


Green company explained that they would continue to produce vegetables of protected soil, as well as would be engaged in flower growing. Now the possibility of growing tulips in Sosnoviy Bor is being studied.


The new owners plan to modernize the greenhouse complex, but the production will not start realistically until next year, says Oleg Malaschenko, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Lenoblasts on the agricultural complex. For former owners, growing vegetables was not a profile business, they were mainly focused on development projects, he said. According to Mrs. Reshetnikova, reconstruction of the greenhouse complex can cost the investor €2.5-3 million per 1 ha. At the initial stage in the renewal of the greenhouse complex the new owner is going to invest at least 60 million rubles, the source indicates.


The cultivation of tulips does not require complex technologies, it does not need photoculture and winter greenhouse, says the CEO of Growth Technology company Tamara Reshetnikova. It is unlikely that the new investor plans to engage in year-round growing of flowers - most likely, in this way investor simply tries to increase turnover from a square meter of greenhouse, the expert points out. Tulips are a high-margin commodity, but it is in demand mainly for the March 8 holiday, she explains.


Author of the article: Constantine Kurkin


The full text of the article could be find in issue No. 176 of Kommersant newspaper of 27.09.2019



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