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The Belgorod authorities have approved the project of a large greenhouse complex which is supposed to be built by LLC "Greenhouse" of Arkady Abramovich — son of Roman Abramovich, Russian billionaire. By 2020 the company intends to carry out production of more than 95 thousand tons of vegetables per year on 108 hectares. Only the initial amount of investments can exceed 6 billion rubles. Experts estimate the total cost of the project at more than 20 billion rubles, but they aren't sure that it will keep relevance by 2020.


The "Greenhouse" project was approved at a yesterday's meeting of the "small" government of the Belgorod region which was held by the governor Evgeny Savchenko. According to the press service of the regional government with reference to the managing director of the company Maxim Tokarev, the first stage of the greenhouse complex with the capacity of 19,3 thousand tons of vegetables per year is planned to put into operation in the fall of the 2017. It is supposed to occupy 24 hectares in the suburb of Stary Oskol, near the Kotovo village.


By 2020 it is planned to bring the area of greenhouses to 108 hectares. The cost of "only initial stage" of an object is about 6 billion rubles, JSC "Razvitiye Corporation", supervisor of the project, noted. After the attainment of full production capacity, the complex will be able to produce more than 95 thousand tons of vegetables per year. Product sales are supposed to be enabled generally in the CFD. "Land works has been conducting on the place of a complex— added in the corporation. — In six months specialists carried out preparatory work on providing the site with all necessary infrastructure: from gaz- and power supply to coordination of a point of dumping of sewage". The regional authorities characterize a complex as "the largest investment project even by Russian standards". 400 new workplaces with the average salary of 32 thousand rubles are supposed to be created. With the attaining of full production capacity, the firm will have to pay about 83 million rubles to budget of the region.


"Arkady Abramovich's ventures declared desire to realize the project in several regions of Russia. Not only Rostov region but also, for example, the Lipetsk region are among them, — Tamara Reshetnikova, the general director the field-oriented consulting company "Growth Technology" said. — But no region has begun to develop the project yet". According to the expert, the declared object can be referred to large one within the domestic market, but not to the largest: "100 hectares are a significant area, but there are projects of 200 and even of 400 hectares". Tamara Reshetnikova added that the cost of construction of 1 hectare of modern greenhouse constitutes €2-3 million. Respectively, the cost of 108 hectares can constitute €216-324 million (15,7–23,6 billion rubles).


Author of the article: Sergey Kalashnikov

The whole text is available in the "Kommersant" newspaper, august 24, 2016



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