Fresh tomatoes in Moscow retail: sales volumes, assortment matrix, prices and origin

Fresh tomatoes in Moscow retail: sales volumes, assortment matrix, prices and origin

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Imports of sweet peppers to Siberia are growing rapidly

In 2019, the Irkutsk region received 7.6 thousand tons of pepper from abroad

Gross harvest in protected ground exceeded 1.3 million tons of vegetables and greenery in 2019

Yields at Russian greenhouse plants have increased 2.4 times in the last 20 years

The coronovirus revealed the absolute dependence of the Far East on imports of fresh vegetables and greenery

Far Eastern grosseries filled with Chinese imports at least 10 months of the year are 90% - 95%

Russian Agracultural Bank became the main creditor of vegetable growing in protected soil

Thanks to this bank, 14 greenhouse projects were launched for a total of 51.2 billion rubles in loans in 2019

Greenhouse industry - the trend for consolidation is increasing.

Production consolidation and centralization of management and sales leads to scaling up of successful business

Mashroom farms increase production of champignons and an oyster mushroom

The production from Russian mashroom farms is successfully force out foreign import

Import of greenhouse group vegetables in 2018

Despite a growth of domestic production, there are more fresh vegetables began to be imported into Russia

The market of fresh tomatoes in Russia in general and in the capital region in particular, considerably differs from the markets of other types of fresh vegetables as on volumes, structure, dynamics, demand, and on a variety of assortment. Till 2015 tomatoes was delivered from abroad several times more than gathered in domestic greenhouses, and twice more than was grown up in the open ground by all commodity producers. Following the results of the past 2018 during off-season, every third tomato was already grown up in the Russian greenhouse facilities, thanks to growth of domestic production and decrease in import.


Moscow and suburbs are the largest consumer agglomeration of fresh tomatoes among all regions of Russia. Actually, Moscow became the first and still only market of the perfect competition in the country in a segment of fresh tomatoes. Great solvent demand of the multimillion population and healthy food trends against the background of obviously insufficient local production, promote formation of huge volumes of deliveries to Moscow from abroad and from other regions of the country. Most of importers, large domestic industrial greenhouses and new projects plan target sale of the tomatoes in Moscow. In 2017 - 2018 the trend on gradual replacement of import tomatoes domestic from shelves of the Moscow shops obviously accrues.


The report is based on own "Growth Tecnology" regular field researches of capital network retail during 2015 - 2018, data of the enterprises and producers and also the detailed analysis of official statistics Rosstat, the Ministry of Agriculture and FCS of the Russian Federation. Analysts of "Growth Technology" give settlement indicators of sales proposition of fresh tomatoes in networks of Moscow region. The structure and volume of the consumer market of fresh tomatoes is defined by Muscovites, the largest players of the tomato market of the capital, their share and assortment are specified. Settlement indicators on seasonality of a share of import and the domestic offer of tomatoes are given in networks of Moscow. The seasonal structure of sales proposition on 10 most widespread types of tomatoes is revealed. The prices of different types of tomatoes are calculated on seasonality and taking into account packing existence. Types of hybrids of tomatoes with a bearish and upward price trends from 2016 for 2018 are defined. The structure of sales with and without packaging of tomatoes in network retail is also defined.


The research will be useful for the current and future suppliers of fresh tomatoes in Moscow network retail for assessment of level of the competition, sales potential, formation of the price policy, pre-sale preparation, the optimum choice of types and hybrids of tomatoes for realization in Moscow.


Research "Fresh tomatoes in Moscow retail: sales volumes, assortment matrix, prices and origin. Results of 2018 in figures and facts" includes 24 evident slides with unique quantitative indices and short text explanations. It is possible to look at the demoversion of a research here.


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