New greenhouse projects of Russia – 2016

New greenhouse projects of Russia – 2016. Influence on balance of nonseasonal vegetables market. The forecast of Russian regions investment potential for a construction of vegetable greenhouses by 2020

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81 pages, including 41 diagrams, 1 chart, 19 appendixes


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Development of protected soil vegetable growing and investment in building of modern industrial greenhouses are considered to be one of the most topical issues for Russian business nowadays.

Potential investors of the field and initiators of new projects ask the following questions:

  • What will happen with the market in 3-4 and 5 years?
  • In which regions of the country deficit of greenhouse products will be liquidated primarily due to the introduction of new greenhouses? Where will local consumer market saturation occur in the quickest way?
  • How will supply and demand balance of greenhouse vegetables change by 2018-2020 by separate territorial units of the Russian Federation?
  • How fast and how tough can the internal competition between domestic producers of greenhouse vegetables be?
  • Where in Russia it is commercially rational to build new industrial greenhouses for vegetable and greens cultivation nowadays and in 1-3 years?

This report provides analysis and forecasts of greenhouse business development in Russia in general and by each of 8 federal districts in particular. Forecast calculations are based on the analysis of the current provision of the Russian market by districts, operating greenhouses plans on reconstruction and dismantling of worn-out production capacities, plans on the greenhouses under construction and new declared projects to realize in Russia, which were known at the time of the research and report preparation, - May, 2016.

The report will be useful for the potential investors of the greenhouse field and initiators of new projects in protected soil vegetable growing, operating greenhouses and also service companies of the field.

The report consists of 80 pages, including 41 diagrams, 1 chart and 19 appendixes.

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  Report information 5
1 Introduction 6
2 Current situation of greenhouse business in Russia, by federal districts in particular 8
2.1 Off-season product market structure and its dynamics  9
2.2 Choice of the area for the building of industrial greenhouse: key factors  12
2.3 Current structure of greenhouse vegetable production by federal districts of Russian Federation 13
2.4 Estimate indicator of per capita production of greenhouse vegetables by district in 2015 15
3 Area of operating industrial greenhouses 17
3.1 Areas of winter greenhouses in particular federal districts of Russian Federation  18
3.2 Dynamics and structure of protected soil areas by districts of Russian Federation in 2012-2015 19
4 Range of cultivated products 26
4.1 Dynamics of the range matrix in Russia in 2012-2015  26
4.2 Dynamics of the range matrix by districts of Russian Federation  27
4.3 Range structure by main crops by federal districts of Russian Federation 32
5 Geography of new greenhouse projects  35
5.1 Allocation of greenhouse building plans by districts of Russian Federation 35
5.2 industrial greenhouses being globally reconstructed in 2013-2016 39
5.3 New industrial greenhouses built in 2013-2016   40
5.4 Declared projects of new industrial greenhouses 42
6 Forecasts of supply and demand balance change of Russian greenhouse market 47
6.1 Forecasts of protected soil areas change by districts of the Russian Federation by 2019-2020 47
6.2 Forecasts of greenhouse vegetables yield change by districts of the Russian Federation by 2019-2020 48
6.3 Forecasts of population greenhouse vegetables provision change by 2019-2020  49
7 Forecast evaluation of greenhouse areas deficit by 2020 by districts of the Russian Federation 51
8 Investors of the largest greenhouse projects in Russia  53
8.1 AFK "Sistema", Moscow  53
8.2 Private equity fund AVG Capital Partners 54
8.3 HC " Greenhouse Growth Technology", St. Petersburg  55
8.4 JSC Magnit, Krasnodar  55
8.5 Agro-industrial holding “Eco-culture" (Moscow region) 56
8.6 HC «Stolichnye Ovoshi», Moscow 57
8.7 LLC «Greeninvest», Moscow 58
8.8 «ABR Management», St. Petersburg 58
8.9 Corporate group "Victoria Estate", Moscow region 59
8.10 LLC “Sigma Capital” 59
8.11 Agroholding «RusAgro»  60
8.12 Autodiler «Avilon» 60
9 General conclusions 62
10 Appendix 68


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