Fresh tomatoes in RF. Deficit and market potential

Fresh tomatoes. Production in the Russian Federation, export, an import. Deficit and market potential

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Growth Technology Company prepared initiative marketing research of the Russian market of fresh tomatoes, its current status and development potential. The special attention in research is given to the analysis of the tomato market structure by sources of fresh vegetables receipt for the final consumer. Quantitative comparisons of amounts and cost of segments of tomatoes national production in the opened and closed soil, import deliveries, export transactions are carried out, the share of farms of the population in production of fresh tomatoes is calculated.


On forecasts of analysts of «Growth Technology», the product balance of Russia in a segment of fresh tomatoes in 2020 will have essentially different structure.


Research purpose:

To receive up-to-date quantitative marketing information on a condition of the Russian market of fresh tomatoes for scoping and a sentence structure and consumption, calculation of an import share, identification of the market dynamics and its seasonal component in value term and natural indicators.


Research will be useful:

  • To producers of fresh tomatoes in the opened and protected soil of Russia for an assessment of a competitive situation and potential of import substitution,
  • To participants of export-import transactions on fresh tomatoes for an assessment of market potential and a choice of the countries suppliers for the conclusion of perspective contracts at the price and product quality,
  • To industrial processers of fresh tomatoes for determination of potential suppliers and seasonality of delivery,
  • To investors and organizers of the entities on industrial cultivation of tomatoes for understanding of market balance of the supply and the competition, and allocation of business segments for an entrance on the market,
  • To the consulting companies for an express assessment of product balance on fresh tomatoes in Russia and preparations of projects.


The packet of documents on this research includes the Report in the pdf format (the text file) and a database of import and export transactions, productions, consumption of fresh tomatoes into the Russian Federation and settlement indicators of the current amount, deficit and market potential of fresh tomatoes of Russia in the Excel format. 


To purchase ready research «Fresh tomatoes. Production in the Russian Federation, export, an import. Deficit and market potential» from a series «Product balance of Russia-2012», address, please, on contacts of «Growth Technology».


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Fresh tomatoes in RF. Deficit and market potential

Fresh tomatoes. Production in the Russian Federation, export, an import. Deficit and market potential. New marketing research

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