Greenhouse business of Russia – 2014

Greenhouse market of Russia. Condition, deficit and market potential of the Russian Federation as a whole and in districts, in a segment of protected soil vegetables

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Russian Agracultural Bank became the main creditor of vegetable growing in protected soil

Thanks to this bank, 14 greenhouse projects were launched for a total of 51.2 billion rubles in loans in 2019

Greenhouse industry - the trend for consolidation is increasing.

Production consolidation and centralization of management and sales leads to scaling up of successful business

Mashroom farms increase production of champignons and an oyster mushroom

The production from Russian mashroom farms is successfully force out foreign import

Import of greenhouse group vegetables in 2018

Despite a growth of domestic production, there are more fresh vegetables began to be imported into Russia

What investment projects in agrarian and industrial complex will be supported by the state in 2019?

In 2018 Russian greenhouse could return only 10% of invested funds for the sum of subsidies of 7.1 billion rubles

Prospects of the greenhouse industry of Russia

in a new marketing research of "Growth Technology" company for 2018

Consumer prices of tomatoes and cucumbers remained at the level of last year's

Operational data of government statistics

Objective of this research is the assessment of organization capacity and start in operation of new large-scale projects of industrial greenhouses in Russia as a whole, and in federal districts of the Russian Federation, in particular (terms market deficiency of local production of greenhouse vegetables).


The given calculations and forecasts of market development are based on the aggregative market data obtained from the entities, working in a greenhouse industry, from reports of issuers, official statistics, business and industry mass media, opinions of experts, and also own information of "Growth Technologies", including the previous initiative researches of an industry in 2007 - 2013. The period of research covers 2008 - 2013, in some parameters it covers January 2000 - February, 2014.


Research will be useful for potential investors of greenhouse complexes in Russia for determination of sales opportunities of finished goods. Also it will be helpful for producers and suppliers of fresh vegetables and greens from abroad for prospects understanding of logistics organization to Russia and specific regions of the Russian Federation.


Research can be used as marketing reasons for the business construction project and upgrade of a greenhouse complex for building-up of production volumes and sale of fresh vegetables to consumers of Russian Federation regions.


The Growth Technologies Company makes to order preinvestment marketing researches of demand and supply market of protected soil vegetables in any region of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


Business profiles of industrial greenhouses and the new greenhouse projects located in different regions of Russia are provided in the corresponding reports on Central, Volga, Southern, North Caucasian, Siberian and to other Federal districts of Russia.


Data updating and addition of new information is available on request. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Contents of the Report

1 . The brief summary of a condition and tendencies of vegetable growing development in the protected soil in Russia

2 . Production volume of greenhouse vegetables in Russia

2.1 . Structure of greenhouse vegetables production in districts of Russian Federation

2.2 . Dynamics of production volumes change of protected soil vegetables in Russia as a whole and in the districts of the Russian Federation over the last 5 years

2.3 . Structure of protected soil vegetables by the producer type and type of greenhouses

3 . Provision of the population with greenhouse vegetables of local production

3.1 . Settlement indicator of average per capita production volume of greenhouse vegetables in regions of the Russian Federation in 2013.

3.2 . Provision of the population with greenhouse vegetables of local production according to Institute of RAS's regulations

3.3 . Vegetables deficit of local production in regions of the Russian Federation according to Institute of RAS's regulations

4 . Import of fresh vegetables to Russia

4.1 . Import volume of the main vegetable cultures of a greenhouse origin in the Russian Federation

4.2 . Import structure over the countries suppliers

4.3 . Dynamics of the main greenhouse cultures import in 2010 - 2013 in natural and in terms of money indicators

5 . Area of industrial greenhouses

5.1 . The operated areas of the protected soil in the Russian Federation, distribution to districts

5.2 . Dynamics of protected soil areas change in the districts of the Russian Federation

5.3 . Structure of the protected soil areas of Russian Federation

6 . Geography of new greenhouse projects

6.1 . Central federal district of Russian Federation

6.2 . Volga federal district

6.3 . Ural federal district

6.4 . Southern federal district

6.5 . North Caucasus federal district

6.6 . Northwest Federal district

6.7 . Siberian federal district

6.8 . Far East federal district

6.9 . Share of modern greenhouses in general structure of the protected soil areas in the Russian Federation, distribution on districts

7 . Sales prices of fresh vegetables

7.1 . Annual average sales prices of cucumbers and tomatoes of industrial greenhouses

7.2 . Dynamics of annual average sales prices of greenhouse vegetables for 2009-2013.

7.3 . Seasonality of greenhouse vegetables sales prices

8 . Prices of fresh vegetables consumption

8.1 . Annual average consumer prices of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes in the Russian Federation, including prices in different districts

8.2 . Dynamics of annual average consumer prices of fresh vegetables for 2009-2013, including prices in districts

8.3 . Seasonality of fresh vegetables consumer prices

9 . Conclusions by results of research

9.1 . Settlement indicators of local production deficit by the type of greenhouse vegetables, including indicators of Russian Federation regions

9.2 . Deficit of the modern areas of the protected soil in Russian Federation regions

9.3 . Plans for construction and start of new industrial greenhouses in Russia

9.4 . Assessment of new greenhouse projects implementation prospects in the Russian Federation, including such data in different regions

10 . Appendices


Ukrainian market of industrial greenhouses

Ukrainian market of industrial hothouses: development of greenhouse vegetable growing, floriculture and mushroomculture in 1998-2009. Research for sale

Belorussian market of industrial greenhouses

Belorussian market of industrial greenhouses: vegetable growing and floriculture in closed ground in 2005 - 2009. Research for sale

New greenhouse projects of Russia – 2016

Off-season vegetables influence on market balance. Investment potential forecast of regions of Russian Federation on vegetable greenhouses construction by 2020.

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