The Business plan of the foreign languages business school

The Business plan of the organization of foreign languages business school (the classical concept)

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Main objective of designed enterprise creation is reception of commercial profit for the account granting of paid services to the population on foreign languages learning in a city of the Russian Federation with quantity of inhabitants from 100 thousand persons.


This Business plan gives an economic case of conducting successful business on the organization of language school under the concept «Classical (traditional) school of foreign languages for private listeners».


The initial indicators of the Business plan forming a revenue and expenses (the tariff policy for listeners by training kinds, payment of teachers, a lease payment for premises, municipal expenses, advertizing expenses, etc.), are based on results of marketing research of foreign languages schools market in Moscow, conducted by Growth Technology Company in 2011. In other cities of Russia absolute indicators will differ, however the structure of expenses and incomes should remain.


Key parameters of the given Business plan for carrying out are:

  • a school Site – city center,
  • the Area premises for employment – 180 sq. m,
  • property Type on premises – a long-term lease,
  • the Format of business and granting of services – average market,
  • the Basic income – sale of programs and rates on studying of English language,
  • Quantity of the occupied personnel 27 – 33 persons (on a season),
  • Planned quantity of listeners – ХХХХ the person,
  • Volume of investments into opening – about 5 million roubles,
  • Volume of investments taking into account circulating assets on support of current activity – nearby ХХ million roubles,
  • the Period of Project investing – 10 months,
  • exit Term on a stable operational recoupment of the Project (from the beginning of conducting educational activity) - ХХ months, 
  • the Period of a complete recoupment of investments of the Project (from the moment of investing) – ХХ year,
  • Under the project borrowed funds (a bank loan under 16 % annual) will be used.

The designed language school will perform the economic activities according to the confirmed initial time, quantitative and cost parameters, term of a complete recoupment taking into account return of investments of the Project will constitute 2,9 years.


It is possible to consider realization of this Project as economic capital investments.


The typical Business plan can be used as a basis for development of the individual project. 


Business plan may be of interest to potential investors in terms of investing in highly profitable business, the owners and top managers of companies planning to open a non-core or a related business, as well as managing existing-store sales of optics to improve the efficiency of the enterprise.


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Contents Business Plan:

1 Marketing justification of the project 
2 Description of the Business model of designed school of foreign languages for adults 1
2.1. The concept of the project 
2.2. A target segment of traditional school’s listeners 
2.3. Assortment of the basic and accompanying services 
2.4. Pricing: tariffs, discounts and bonuses 
2.5. Requirements to premises of school 
2.6. Calculation of quantity of school’s potential listeners. A seasonal factor 
2.7. The personnel and salary 
2.8. A policy of sales, advertizing and PR 
2.9. A technique of teaching 
2.10. Stages of the project’s development
2.11. Investments into the project of language school 
2.12. The equipment, technique, furniture 
2.13. Kinds and quantity of training aids 
3 Economic calculations 
3.1. Incomes of designed language school 
3.2. Current expenses of language school 
3.3. Tax deductions and social payments in the budget and funds, optimization
3.4. The income and expenditure budget, financial result
3.5. A recoupment and profitability of the project
4 Risks assessment
4.1. Low level of sales of school services 
4.2. Insufficient efficiency of an advertizing campaign
4.3. Deficit of teaching personnel
4.4. A lack of financing of the project
4.5. Strong and weaknesses of a variant of the Concept
5 Conclusions
6 Information on the company-contractor of the Project
7 Appendices
The appendix 1. The schedule of investments of investing into the Project
The appendix 2. Calculation tables of quantity and structure of listeners of school
The appendix 3. Incomes of the Project
The appendix 4. Expenses of the Project
The appendix 5. Annual figures of activity of language school for 2012-2017
The appendix 6. Financial results of creation and activity of language school
The appendix 7. Initial parameters of the Project of language school


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