Business lunch in Moscow-2012. Prospects in the food service business centers. Research for sale

Business lunch in Moscow-2012. Prospects in the food service business centers. Research for sale

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Sales of business lunches reach 40 % in revenue of pubs and bars

Beer bars offer the widest assortment of business lunches

Growth Technology Co. had ordered a study of the organic vegetables

Market bio-vegetables in Moscow and southern Russia - a new study Growth Technology Co. Custom Made

Muscovites with the income of 2,0 thousand dollars are regular visitors of restaurants

About 7 500 Moscow restaurants and cafe has 547 thousand seats equipped for visitors

92 % of middle class use fast food restaurants

The most quickly developing segment of a public catering in Russia becomes fast food

Only about 10 % of restaurants of fine dinner have a business lunch in the menu

Fine-dinning restaurants compared with casual establishments much less develop a special business lunch offer

All men with the average income periodically visit fast food restaurants

The typical visitor of fast food restaurant with healthy food concept is working woman with higher education aged about 25 years

Volume of a day estaurants and cafe revenue during winter time is 30 % above summer one

In winter day revenue of the Moscow restaurants, cafe, bars and pizzerias, every year ncreases in 1,4 – 1,5 times


A day food in institutions of public catering occupies a considerable market share of Moscow public catering. And in recent years grows both the actual amount, and a share of a segment of a day food in general structure of Russian public catering market. More and more Russians and, especially, inhabitants of the capital, prefer to have dinner out of door. This fact is promoted by acceleration of life rates and gradual growth of the income of the population. Restaurants, cafe, pizzerias, bars and dining rooms, for the sake of increase in total sales, are ready to do special "lunch" offers to the guests who answer criteria "quickly", "is economic" and "tasty". So-called "business lunch" became the most widespread and quickly growing segment of a lunch food.


The service organization a business lunch promotes increase in revenue of catering establishment, its financial stability and profitability of an institution, and also expansion of permanent guests base.

Any sets of dishes of a public catering institutions which go at a discount or without, to the main menu, but to strictly limited time in the middle of the working day enter into the concept "business lunch" as complex dinners with the stiff price, created by the organizer of a food.


The organization of a lunch food as showed results of research of the market by "Growth Technology" in may 2012, on production enterprises and office centers, first of all, - in business centers is especially actual.


In the report the great attention is given to an assessment of the consumer demand on lunch and a business food in office centers of the capital. On the basis of the detailed analysis of developers' plans on construction of new business centers in Moscow, calculation of potential of office segment for a scope it by services of a lunch food for the period till 2015 is carried out. The assessment of sizes of the business lunch service market  is given as in physical expression (by number of office workers in business centers under construction), and in cash (on forecast amount of revenue of the entities of a public catering in business centers).


Research purpose of the service business lunch market-2012:

• To receive up-to-date quantitative and high-quality information on a current status of provision of service a business lunch market in Moscow on segments of thepublic catering entities of  for an assessment of market volume, the consumer demand and prospects of development of this direction in capital business centers.

Research will be useful:

• to heads of restaurants and cafe for the comparative analysis of competitors' proposals in a segment "business lunch" at the price, assortment and a service format, from the point of view of the list of service extension of the institutions and increase in revenue,

• to investors and organizers of public catering projects from the point of view of the market potential assessment, demand for services and of the successful concept of institutions,

• to owners of business centers and managing companies, for determination of optimum quantity, level and a format of points of a public catering in business centerstructure from the point of view of its commercial appeal increase to lessees.

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In January-February 2011 Growth Technology Company  updated survey data in 2006 and introduced new sections in the report detailing the status and prospects ofdevelopment services to a business lunch in the business center of Moscow.

Data updating and amendment of the study is available on request. 


Business lunch in Moscow-2012. Prospects in the food service business centers. Research for sale

Demand, supply, volume and market potential for a business lunch. Prospects in the food service business centers

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