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Business plan of paid fishing business of an economic format in artificial recreational reservoir . Report for sale

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Imports of sweet peppers to Siberia are growing rapidly

In 2019, the Irkutsk region received 7.6 thousand tons of pepper from abroad

Gross harvest in protected ground exceeded 1.3 million tons of vegetables and greenery in 2019

Yields at Russian greenhouse plants have increased 2.4 times in the last 20 years

The coronovirus revealed the absolute dependence of the Far East on imports of fresh vegetables and greenery

Far Eastern grosseries filled with Chinese imports at least 10 months of the year are 90% - 95%

Russian Agracultural Bank became the main creditor of vegetable growing in protected soil

Thanks to this bank, 14 greenhouse projects were launched for a total of 51.2 billion rubles in loans in 2019

Greenhouse industry - the trend for consolidation is increasing.

Production consolidation and centralization of management and sales leads to scaling up of successful business

Intensive orchards will provide 20 kg of dessert apples to each Russian by 2025

For the last 10 years the volume of consumption of fresh fruit and berries in Russia increased by 1.2 times

Mashroom farms increase production of champignons and an oyster mushroom

The production from Russian mashroom farms is successfully force out foreign import

Growth Technology  Consulting Company  offers the typical business plan for the organization toll of fishing in the recreational pond.

The main purpose of this business plan is a feasibility study of commercial viability of investing and doing business on the organization of paid fishing on recreational waters in Russia at present.

Business plan will be useful to potential investors that are considering developing recreational fishing industry as a promising investment object.

This business plan can be used as a basis for creating an individual business plan and fee fishing in an artificial recreational pond to provide a competitive Committee to the Federal Fisheries Agency of Russia for long-term lease of fishing grounds for the business organization paid fishing economical format.

With a little refinement of the business plan, it can also be used to provide lenders or private investors to obtain credit. To make changes to the specific conditions of starting the business, refer to the developers of the Growth Technology Company at or other contacts of the company.

The objectives of the Business Plan includes:

  • Description formats toll of fishing in Russia,

  • Writing a marketing study the economic attractiveness of the business paid fishing economical format,

  • Identify key success factors of business toll fishing economical format,

  • Define the concept of business toll of fishing in the recreational-format reservoir,

  • Identify the target audience paid fishing economical format in Russia,

  • Formulate the development stages of a project to organize a paid fishing,

  • Calculate the necessary investment in the project,

  • Define sales channels and sources of income of the project fee fishing economical format,

  • Calculate the running costs of business,

  • Calculate the payback period and ROI,

  • Calculate the profitability of the business and financial performance,

  • Identify major business risks paid fishing economical format and give suggestions to reduce them,

  • Bring contact information for suppliers and business partners for the organization paid fishing.

The main parameters of the business plan for the calculations are:

  • Water surface area - 3 ha

  • Type of property - long-term lease pond

  • Format of business and providing services for the project - an economical format

  • Price segment of work - the lower and middle,

  • Basic income - sale of fishing permits (XX - XX%)

  • Number of employed staff - 10 people

  • Investments - XXX million rubles,

  • Period of investment - 1 year

  • During the full return on investment - 3 years from start of commercial activity.

The marketing of this project is based on the study "Market fee fishing in Russia for example, the Moscow region. Pre-investment study of business",conducted by theGrowth Technology Company at the end of 2009.

Table of contents
1. Marketing support business
1.1. Types and formats of business toll of fishing in Russia, and their clients
1.2. Key factors for business success fee fishing
2. Business Description fee fishing
2.1. The project concept
2.2. Target Audience
2.3. Approval documents
2.4. Stages of project development
2.5. Location, size and characteristics of the reservoir
2.6. Coastal infrastructure
2.7. Equipment
2.8. The types and quantities of fish for stocking pond
2.9. The structure and composition of services
2.10. Pricing policy
2.11. Number of customers, the seasonal factor
2.12. Personnel and payroll
2.13. Advertising and Promotion Project
3. Economic calculations
3.1. Business investment
3.2. Income pond
3.3. Operating costs of the reservoir
3.4. Budget revenues and expenditures, financial result
3.5. Payback and profitability of the project
4. Business risks paid fishing
5. Conclusions and recommendations
6. Company Info
7. Applications
 Appendix 1. The list of sites approved by the organization MOKTU recreational fishing in the Moscow region
 Appendix 2. List of Territorial Directorate of Federal Agency for Fisheries of the Russian Federation
 Appendix 3. Investment in the business organization
 Appendix 4. The list of equipment, furniture and office equipment
 Annex 5. Plan cash flow
 BMIE in 2010 - 2011 gg
 BMIE in 2012
 BMIE in 2013
 BMIE in 2014
 BMIE in 2015
 Annex 6. Standard requirements for applicants to participate in the competition on the distribution of PAR fishing grounds under the amateur fishing
 Annex 7. Rules for registration Applications for participation in the competition on the distribution of fishing grounds under the amateur fishing
 Appendix 8. Prices providers for services and commodity fish
 Annex 9. Examples of price-lists on fishing equipment and supplies paid water
 9.1. Rates fishing base Morozovo
 9.2. Rates for rental gear in a fishing village
 9.3. Rental rates for the recreation Shamiran
 9.4. Rental rates in the fishing village of the Golden Hook "
 9.5. Rental rates for a fee fishing in Romashkovo
 Appendix 10. Examples of price lists for paid fishing
 10.1. Price-list fee fishing in the fish farm Biserova (Noginsk MR)
 10.2. Price-list fee fishing in the Silver Chalice "(Naro-Fominsk MR)
 10.3. Price-list fee fishing in the fishing base "Fishing Paradise" (Ring Road, Moscow)
 10.4 Prices paid fishing in Durykino (Moscow region)
 Annex 11. Partners and suppliers of recreational fishing
 Annex 12. Temporal, quantitative and cost indicators of business


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